Data on circulation around armchairs


Being able to move around armchairs in a living room is an important consideration.  Use this information in conjunction with layouts and furniture data. Read the rest of this entry »




[Picture of Hazelwood School Dumbreck]It has to be said that Glasgow has produced (yet again) an astonishingly good firm of architects in the form of GM+AD (Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop).

GM+AD do not have a specific GM+AD-ness, they are not selling a specific style a la macintosh, or an architectural school or movement.  What actually happens is this: Read the rest of this entry »

Data on Living Room Layouts


We did a trial post called “Data on Living Room Armchairs and Sofas” some years ago (along with other “test posts”.  the idea being that if it achieved a certain number of hits then we would generate more articles of that ilk.

We recently have noticed that his post has met the target — so this is the “follow up”.  It is about layouts of living rooms. Read the rest of this entry »



[Picture of the Polanti Ice Zone Model]On this site you will find a lot of very, very expensive wristwatches.  These are hand-made works of art and can only be owned by the very rich who commission them. Although inexpensive Polanti has been included here, not merely for their design and artistry, but because they have an unusual business model that have made them iconic. Read the rest of this entry »

International Standard Football Pitch


[Diagram of setting out line court markings for football pitch]The International football pitch is shown in the diagram with dimensional details (click to enlarge).


FA International matches: 100 to Read the rest of this entry »

International Standard Dojo


[Diagram of International Standard Dojo with Dimensions]

The International Standard Dojo is for martial arts combat such as Karate and Judo. The setting out dimensions are shown in the figure. Click on it to enlarge.


Freestyle fighting is carried out between Read the rest of this entry »

Cool Dentistry


[Picture of Gumease mouthpiece]Many people are scared of a visit to the dentist, some are scared of the drill, others of the needle, but everyone is scared of the pain.

BioMedDevice Limited have developed a flexible dental mouthpiece (called gumEase) that is stored in a freezer, and which after only a couple of minutes, numbs the mouth for up to 20 minutes at a time.

The manufacturer has produced a rather graphic video depicting a hypodermic-free tooth extraction on Read the rest of this entry »