What Ever Happened to…

Back in 2003, there was a story on Ananova about a Telephone Language Translator. This seemed like a brilliant invention, but what has happened since then?  It seems to have vanished!

A report in February 2004 informed the world of Shoes That Generate Electrictity! This seemed like a good way to keep the mobile cell phone charged up — but I have yet to see a pair on sale… wonder what happened.

Back in July 2003, I read about an amazing invention, but was sceptical about it even being possible: a new type of bullet-proof glass that allowed bullets to pass ONE WAY only — so Police could shoot out, but were protected from gunfire from the other direction. Amazing — but was it true?

I loved the story from January 2004 of the new vegetation that changed colour to identify landmines — that is a wonderful, wonderful invention… where’s the Nobel Prize when you want it? It seems to me to be vaguely similar to the paint that absorbs pollution. I love that sort of genetic modification that PICADA do.
In the middle of 2003, I read an article on intra-ocular retinal prosthesis (eye implants), and one day hope that this may be developed to become a common procedure to help people all around the world. (see -New Eye Implants Looking Good on Clipped News).

The Anti-Snoring Bed seems to have vanished! How sad; I know quite a few people who were interested in buying this bed!


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