Screwed Up

I was looking at the Harbeth loudspeaker site when I was amused by their obvious annoyance with US Americans mixing up Phillips and Pozidrive screws and screwdrivers… they said:

The correct tools for the job
With the exception of a few legacy Harbeth’s which have used hex-head (Allen) screws, all our loudspeakers have been assembled with Pozidrive™ or Superscrews™. These are NOT ‘Phillips’ (or ‘Philips’) screws but a more sophisticated and expensive alternative. Few people seem to be aware of the difference, and in the USA it seems difficult to obtain the correct screwdriver despite the substantial advantages of the Pozidrive type.
screwdrivers.jpgPozidrive screwdrivers have a far better grip on the screw head, allow far more force to be applied, allow a much better grip between the items especially in reverse mode and are much more resistant to ‘mashing’ of screw heads. If you ever need to remove a Harbeth screw please do NOT use the Phillips type screwdriver as this will destroy the screw heads. Please refer to the picture of Pozidrive v. Phillips here and be sure to use the correct one. The wires from the crossover push-fit onto the drive units so no soldering tools are needed.

OK, OK, I think we geddit! lol! Click the pic to enlarge!


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