New Niche Designs

[Picture of Camping microwave oven]Design lovers may be interested in some of these recent ideas. Enjoy.

Cooking outdoors usually means a Barbecue or at the very least a camp fire. Not any more. Now you can enjoy the familiar taste of microwaved food, using the world’s first camping microwave oven. Link:

[Picture of stow board]Skateboarding, snowboarding and now stowboarding: a folding wheeled device for getting about (as featured by Ben Affleck in the movie ‘Paycheck‘). Link:

[Picture of Breeze guard]You know how dogs like to hang out of car windows to enjoy the breeze? Well, an enterprising company has come up with a car attachment that allows the dog to do this safely — with the BreezeGuard there’s no danger of the pooch falling or jumping from a speeding vehicle now! Link:

[Picture of motorised rollerblades]Motorised Rollerblades! Hard to believe, but actually true — and purchased from eBay (where else)! Ross Chrystall’s ‘Random Good Stuff’ Entertainment blog Link:

[Picture of motorised balancing skateboard]A clever chap has invented a one-wheeled balancing scooter / skateboard. Check out his recent write-up, it’s fascinating and there’s a YouTube video to see it working. Brilliant fun! Link: and


One Response to New Niche Designs

  1. Terrific template. Did you design it or employ a graphic designer?

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