Cool Dentistry

[Picture of Gumease mouthpiece]Many people are scared of a visit to the dentist, some are scared of the drill, others of the needle, but everyone is scared of the pain.

BioMedDevice Limited have developed a flexible dental mouthpiece (called gumEase) that is stored in a freezer, and which after only a couple of minutes, numbs the mouth for up to 20 minutes at a time.

The manufacturer has produced a rather graphic video depicting a hypodermic-free tooth extraction on

It may not be for everyone, but it is at least an alternative to syringe phobia. Anything that makes dental visits better for the patient is step in the right direction.

[Picture of iPod Teeth Whitening]Another dental innovation is the device that uses your MP3 player to whiten your teeth!

  • Refer to for details and ordering of the Bocelli strips and sound system.

Attach self-adhesive and dissolving peroxide-loaded whitening strips to your top and bottom teeth then put a custom mouthpiece between your teeth, plug it into your music source and turn the sound all the way up. The sound energy stimulates the peroxide and provides for a better, deeper, faster whitening process.

The mouthpiece also includes headphones so you can listen to the music while you're whitening, but apparently you can hear the audio just fine through the bone conduction of your jawbone.


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