International Standard Football Pitch

[Diagram of setting out line court markings for football pitch]The International football pitch is shown in the diagram with dimensional details (click to enlarge).


FA International matches: 100 to 110 metres in length by between 45 and 90 metres wide, so the variation in width can vary considerably. The pitch must be rectangular in shape so that the length must in all cases exceed the width.


There is a recommended 9 metre end margin, and a 6 metre side margin.  For 100m x 64m playing area, an area of 118 metres by 76 metres would be required.


Inside opening is 7.32 metres apart.  The Lower edge of the cross bar is 2.44 metres above ground.  The Width and depth of goalposts and crossbar must not exceed 120mm


5 Responses to International Standard Football Pitch

  1. SEHGAL.D says:

    respected controller,
    the dimensions of the penalty area, central circle can also be published and also the dimensions of an ideal football.

  2. sirak tekle says:

    can you send me psp and xbox 360

  3. kunal mandia says:

    ghado paglo ek dhanka photo nahi de sakte

  4. Jonathan says:

    You might want to check out this graphic with the field dimensions:

  5. Anonymous says:

    if u cud show a much information lik goal area penalty area measurement

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