[Picture of the Polanti Ice Zone Model]On this site you will find a lot of very, very expensive wristwatches.  These are hand-made works of art and can only be owned by the very rich who commission them. Although inexpensive Polanti has been included here, not merely for their design and artistry, but because they have an unusual business model that have made them iconic.

The Thing about Polanti is that it is thoroughly American. It’s the “American Dream”. Yes, the watches are “Swiss Made”, but you can only buy them in North America or the Oil-rich Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai). That’s it!  They have a very clear and specific target market.


The company set up in Los Angeles, California, at the beginning of the 2oth century and targeted the new Hollywood movie business that was getting underway at that time. This has continued today; Polanti watches are found on the wrists the likes of:

  • Jack Nicholson;
  • Joe Pesci;
  • Sylvester Stallone;
  • Usher;
  • Cedric;
  • Jay Leno;
  • David Arquette;
  • Ashton Cutcher;
  • George Hamilton;
  • Devean George;
  • Brooke Burke;
  • Rob Schneider;
  • James Caan;
  • Snoop Dogg;
  • Don King;
  • Ken Davitian;
  • LaDainian Tomlinson;
  • Ryan Seacrest; and
  • Paris Hilton.

[Picture of the Polanti Mini G] [Picture of the Polanti Ceil model] [Picture of the Polanti All Season model] [Picture of the Polanti Panter wristwatch]

It must be said that the wristwatches worn by the actors are specially made timepieces that come under the “Custom” section.  The regular collection is very affordable to those aspiring to Hollywood fame and fortune, and this is the point; Polanti know well the value of celebrity endorsement, and this puts them at the very top of the watch-makers of that Continent.

A look through eBay shows that you can pick up a Polanti (in the USA/Canada) for under a thousand pounds, some are only £500 to £600.  This makes Polanti the cheapest range of watches mentioned on :: art of design :: — but somehow they have still managed to have the caché and exclusivity of brands that cost sixteen (or even a hundred) times more!

As a result, the Polanti brand is a design icon (rather than their actual wristwatches), and the business model is unique and worthy of a design award in itself!


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