In a post-Christian, post-religious world of shallowness and fakeness, we need an antidote for celebs, gossip, tv reality shows, and all the natural, accidental and organics things, we need something to believe in, we need a life-raft or frame of reference — and so I recommend the art of design to you.

You are not supposed to notice good design. A design is good because it does not draw attention to itself, artists are great because they have made it look easy. An appreciation of the art of design is an appreciation of the best qualities of humanity, it is spiritual, it is deep and philosophical, it is looking beyond that which is presented. Ultimately it is wonderful, and you learn to love people for their abilities and skills rather than their talents or for being born with a certain body type or hair colour.

What is Art?
Art is something that has to be taught and practiced, it is a method, a procedure, a ritualised sequence of moves, a programmable and predicatble routine. Art is the human desire to be as mechanical and accurate as possible by reducing error. Through practice, the human can develop physical and mental skills that can produce results that are repeatable. Examples of arts include of throwing a dart, the art of chatting up women, the art of playing the guitar, the art of speaking French, the art of science, the art of sport, and the art of oil painting. Art requires diligence, hard work, effort and concentration.
What is Not Art?
Anything requiring innate skills or talents, anything random, accidental or naturally occuring, anything that cannot be repeated, taught or learned.

What is design?
Design is an art, so it is a process or procedure that takes an idea and develops it, changing it under the constraints and influences of data and othr inputs — and idea will be changed by the specifics, the client’s budget and taste, as well as perhaps having to comply with regulations and laws.

Appreciating the art of design is understanding the world around, and getting as far from the popular and mass machine produced as possible!


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  1. Sean says:


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    I realize that you are home decor-Modern Design connoisseur 🙂 I’d like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it’d be swell if you can place our link on your blog.

    Thank you,


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