What Is Wrong With Car Design?


[picture of Model T Ford design]CARS were originally “horseless carriages”, and so the coachwork design was naturally based on horse-drawn carriages. Then came aerodynamic and futuristic, with space-age fins and lots of chrome. You would be forgiven for thinking that we have seen it all from sports-cars to people carriers, from smart-cars to stretch limousines.

[Picture of futuristic car with tail fins]However, the sad fact is that each wave of automotive design has completely overlooked the user. Incredible as it may seem, this is patently true! Read the rest of this entry »


The Goddess


[Picture of DS19]Let’s begin by saying that the design of the Citroen DS 19 is one of the most astonishing leaps in design history. No publication about design can omit the DS 19, no history of the car would be complete without the DS 19, any and all historical accounts of France, and of French culture must include the DS 19; it is simply a marvel.

It is perhaps difficult to understand this fully when looking back from a modern vantage point; this car design has affected everything since. So to help you, consider what the DS was replacing…

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VW Camper Van


[Picture of green splitty]As everyone knows, Adolph Hitler scribbled his design idea for a people’s car or ‘Volkswagen’ and this became the VW Type I (more commonly known as ‘The Beetle’).

  • What most people probably do not know is that a VW Type II became the equally iconic camper van.

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EB Veyron 16.4


Some years after the founder’s death, the Bugatti brand was all-but-dead in Milan. It was however, revived, and car production resumed — in France. The parent company is German: Volkswagen. The car is therefore thoroughly European in nature and culture.

The original idea was to make a production car that generated over a thousand horsepower… something of a holy grail for the motor car industry, and a design feat that many considered impossible. Read the rest of this entry »