Cool Dentistry


[Picture of Gumease mouthpiece]Many people are scared of a visit to the dentist, some are scared of the drill, others of the needle, but everyone is scared of the pain.

BioMedDevice Limited have developed a flexible dental mouthpiece (called gumEase) that is stored in a freezer, and which after only a couple of minutes, numbs the mouth for up to 20 minutes at a time.

The manufacturer has produced a rather graphic video depicting a hypodermic-free tooth extraction on Read the rest of this entry »




[Picture of Hautlence HSL01]The HAUTLENCE brand was created in 2004, with the first wristwatches ready for September 2005, and the first collection by 2007.

Approximate Cost: 20 278.00 GBP

[Picture of Hautlence HSL01]

[Picture of Hautlence closeup]The company has set up a watch-maker’s college in Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Folding Furniture


Furniture use permutations are fascinating and not restricted to caravans, boats and camping equipment! Sometimes you need flexibility from everyday furniture, like a table for four that can expand on occasion to sit six or eight, with the extra chairs able to fold away or stack when not required. In extreme cases, everyday furniture may have to be folded or dismantled in some way to allow a room to provide multi-functionality, such as a fold-away bed, or cupboard kitchen. Here’s are some videos of new designs: Read the rest of this entry »

New Niche Designs


[Picture of Camping microwave oven]Design lovers may be interested in some of these recent ideas. Enjoy.

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Free Wheelchair Mission


[Free Wheelchair picture]Don Schoendorfer is the designer of a revolutionary wheelchair and the Chief Executive of The Free Wheelchair Mission.

The design uses cheap plastic garden chairs! It has to be seen to be believed, but it is amazingly true.

The Free Wheelchair Mission accepts donations: visit them on

Check out the website to find out why and how!

Also on this site:

Trekinetic’s K2


[Picture of k2]The classic everyday folding metal wheelchair was designed and built a long time ago — when the world was a very different place, back in the 1930s. Not only were lifestyles different, but so were production tools, materials and manufacturing methods.

This occurred to Formula One parts designer Mike Spindle as he watched a man struggle through an airport departure lounge in a metallic purple wheelchair. Mike thought that somebody ought to be able to do an awful lot better. Read the rest of this entry »

What Ever Happened to…


Back in 2003, there was a story on Ananova about a Telephone Language Translator. This seemed like a brilliant invention, but what has happened since then?  It seems to have vanished!

A report in February 2004 informed the world of Shoes That Generate Electrictity! This seemed like a good way to keep the mobile cell phone charged up — but I have yet to see a pair on sale… wonder what happened.

Back in July 2003, I read about an amazing invention, but was sceptical about it even being possible: a new type of bullet-proof glass that allowed bullets to pass ONE WAY only — so Police could shoot out, but were protected from gunfire from the other direction. Amazing — but was it true?

I loved the story from January 2004 of the new vegetation that changed colour to identify landmines — that is a wonderful, wonderful invention… where’s the Nobel Prize when you want it? It seems to me to be vaguely similar to the paint that absorbs pollution. I love that sort of genetic modification that PICADA do.
In the middle of 2003, I read an article on intra-ocular retinal prosthesis (eye implants), and one day hope that this may be developed to become a common procedure to help people all around the world. (see -New Eye Implants Looking Good on Clipped News).

The Anti-Snoring Bed seems to have vanished! How sad; I know quite a few people who were interested in buying this bed!