[Picture of Hautlence HSL01]The HAUTLENCE brand was created in 2004, with the first wristwatches ready for September 2005, and the first collection by 2007.

Approximate Cost: 20 278.00 GBP

[Picture of Hautlence HSL01]

[Picture of Hautlence closeup]The company has set up a watch-maker’s college in Read the rest of this entry »


Areas of Geometric Figures



Area = long side multiplied by short side

A = LS





(note: length of circumference = 2πr)



= (ah)/2


=(bc sinA)/2

squares]Square Metre or Metre Squared:

Is four squared metres the same as four metres squared?

No, and the difference is vast, so care must be taken.

The best way is to remember that m² is always said aloud as “square metres” and never, ever as “metres square”. Some people prefer to write sq.m to help them remember.

Four metres square is sixteen square metres:

A square with sides equal to 4m — gives an area of 4m by 4m or 16m². (16 sqm). Think of this as saying four metres all squared — square the 4 and square the m — which is 4 x 4 x m x m = 16m².

Four square metres is two metres square:

A square with sides equal to 2m — gives an area of 2m by 2m or 4m² (4 sqm). Think of this as saying two metres all squared — square the 2 and square the m — which is 2 x 2 x m x m = 4m².

Two square metres:

A rectangle of sides 1m by 2m, produces an area of 2m²(2 sqm), and NOT two metres square.

FP Journe


[Picture of the FP Journe Resonance]I have attempted to draw attention to the wonders of hand crafted wristwatches, the most exclusive, valuable and prestigious being those made by the likes of Roger Dubuis, Patek Philippe, Parmigiani, Girard-Perregaux, Chopard, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, and IWC, all of which draw on a long tradition of precision engineering, ingenuity and intricacy.

In 1999, Richard Mille seemed to herald a new chapter to this horological history, using new techniques and materials to threaten the established “big boys”.

  • But these “big boys” were already under threat — from FP Journe!

François-Paul Journe is the man behind the “Chronometre à Resonance” and the “Tourbillon a Remontoir d’Egalité” (launched in 2000), and is one of the most talented and exciting watch maker of his generation. A true maverick.

[Picture of the FP Journe Resonance]His Geneva factory is Read the rest of this entry »

USA v The World!


The Imperial System is illegal. It officially died in the late 1960s — along with the Metric System as a matter of fact. Yes, for decades there has been only one legal Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Folding Furniture


Furniture use permutations are fascinating and not restricted to caravans, boats and camping equipment! Sometimes you need flexibility from everyday furniture, like a table for four that can expand on occasion to sit six or eight, with the extra chairs able to fold away or stack when not required. In extreme cases, everyday furniture may have to be folded or dismantled in some way to allow a room to provide multi-functionality, such as a fold-away bed, or cupboard kitchen. Here’s are some videos of new designs: Read the rest of this entry »



[Picture of Norman Foster]I am going to argue here that Sir Norman Foster is the number one architect in the world today, with an unprecedented track record of instantly recognisable buildings that enrich and excite and basically go against the grain of the present architectural and planning trends.

It all started when, in the mid-1980s, Norman Foster became famous. Read the rest of this entry »

Data on Living Room Armchairs and Sofas


Armchairs, couches, as well as three seater and two seater sofas are found in living rooms. Although furniture sizes can vary, there are basic constraints — doorways, room sizes and the human body being the main limiting considerations. Read the rest of this entry »