Areas of Geometric Figures



Area = long side multiplied by short side

A = LS





(note: length of circumference = 2πr)



= (ah)/2


=(bc sinA)/2

squares]Square Metre or Metre Squared:

Is four squared metres the same as four metres squared?

No, and the difference is vast, so care must be taken.

The best way is to remember that m² is always said aloud as “square metres” and never, ever as “metres square”. Some people prefer to write sq.m to help them remember.

Four metres square is sixteen square metres:

A square with sides equal to 4m — gives an area of 4m by 4m or 16m². (16 sqm). Think of this as saying four metres all squared — square the 4 and square the m — which is 4 x 4 x m x m = 16m².

Four square metres is two metres square:

A square with sides equal to 2m — gives an area of 2m by 2m or 4m² (4 sqm). Think of this as saying two metres all squared — square the 2 and square the m — which is 2 x 2 x m x m = 4m².

Two square metres:

A rectangle of sides 1m by 2m, produces an area of 2m²(2 sqm), and NOT two metres square.

EB Veyron 16.4


Some years after the founder’s death, the Bugatti brand was all-but-dead in Milan. It was however, revived, and car production resumed — in France. The parent company is German: Volkswagen. The car is therefore thoroughly European in nature and culture.

The original idea was to make a production car that generated over a thousand horsepower… something of a holy grail for the motor car industry, and a design feat that many considered impossible. Read the rest of this entry »

Fourier’s Law


Fourier looked at heat flowing through building  materials, and his experimental results produced ideas such as thermal conductivity, resistance and the thermal transmission co-efficient or u-value. Read the rest of this entry »

Compound Interest


In design work, there is a business side of things that depends on loans and investments.  There is also a business side of things where people invest different amounts for different periods of time in helping you — and you might have to figure out their share of things in the future.

There is also the idea of inflation and cost of living — as you have to design to a cost, a budget, you have to sometimes predict the future costs involved.

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Flow Rate Calculations


This is  a technical article on calculations pertaining to volume and mass flow rates of fluids. Read the rest of this entry »