[Picture of new ipod]A personal computer is an evolved design. Starting with a basic workstation (the merger of typewriter keyboard and clever television), and developing into a laptop. Whatever shape or size it is, whatever can be plugged in, whatever software can be run on the workstation or laptop, it always remain open, flexible and evolving. Read the rest of this entry »

Rubik’s Cube


[Picture of a Rubik’s Cube]

In 1974, an Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor with an interest in geometry and the study of three-dimensional forms invented the most popular toy ever made.

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VW Camper Van


[Picture of green splitty]As everyone knows, Adolph Hitler scribbled his design idea for a people’s car or ‘Volkswagen’ and this became the VW Type I (more commonly known as ‘The Beetle’).

  • What most people probably do not know is that a VW Type II became the equally iconic camper van.

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