The Goddess


[Picture of DS19]Let’s begin by saying that the design of the Citroen DS 19 is one of the most astonishing leaps in design history. No publication about design can omit the DS 19, no history of the car would be complete without the DS 19, any and all historical accounts of France, and of French culture must include the DS 19; it is simply a marvel.

It is perhaps difficult to understand this fully when looking back from a modern vantage point; this car design has affected everything since. So to help you, consider what the DS was replacing…

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Trekinetic’s K2


[Picture of k2]The classic everyday folding metal wheelchair was designed and built a long time ago — when the world was a very different place, back in the 1930s. Not only were lifestyles different, but so were production tools, materials and manufacturing methods.

This occurred to Formula One parts designer Mike Spindle as he watched a man struggle through an airport departure lounge in a metallic purple wheelchair. Mike thought that somebody ought to be able to do an awful lot better. Read the rest of this entry »

The Motor Scooter


[Picture of Vespa Ad]The motor scooter is a design and style icon. It is post-WW2, it is urban, modernist, 1960s. It represented bohemian chic in Paris, and gritty violent realism in Britain — with the Mods (versus the Rockers). Read the rest of this entry »