Cool Dentistry


[Picture of Gumease mouthpiece]Many people are scared of a visit to the dentist, some are scared of the drill, others of the needle, but everyone is scared of the pain.

BioMedDevice Limited have developed a flexible dental mouthpiece (called gumEase) that is stored in a freezer, and which after only a couple of minutes, numbs the mouth for up to 20 minutes at a time.

The manufacturer has produced a rather graphic video depicting a hypodermic-free tooth extraction on Read the rest of this entry »

FP Journe


[Picture of the FP Journe Resonance]I have attempted to draw attention to the wonders of hand crafted wristwatches, the most exclusive, valuable and prestigious being those made by the likes of Roger Dubuis, Patek Philippe, Parmigiani, Girard-Perregaux, Chopard, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, and IWC, all of which draw on a long tradition of precision engineering, ingenuity and intricacy.

In 1999, Richard Mille seemed to herald a new chapter to this horological history, using new techniques and materials to threaten the established “big boys”.

  • But these “big boys” were already under threat — from FP Journe!

François-Paul Journe is the man behind the “Chronometre à Resonance” and the “Tourbillon a Remontoir d’Egalité” (launched in 2000), and is one of the most talented and exciting watch maker of his generation. A true maverick.

[Picture of the FP Journe Resonance]His Geneva factory is Read the rest of this entry »

USA v The World!


The Imperial System is illegal. It officially died in the late 1960s — along with the Metric System as a matter of fact. Yes, for decades there has been only one legal Read the rest of this entry »



[Picture of Norman Foster]I am going to argue here that Sir Norman Foster is the number one architect in the world today, with an unprecedented track record of instantly recognisable buildings that enrich and excite and basically go against the grain of the present architectural and planning trends.

It all started when, in the mid-1980s, Norman Foster became famous. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Wrong With Car Design?


[picture of Model T Ford design]CARS were originally “horseless carriages”, and so the coachwork design was naturally based on horse-drawn carriages. Then came aerodynamic and futuristic, with space-age fins and lots of chrome. You would be forgiven for thinking that we have seen it all from sports-cars to people carriers, from smart-cars to stretch limousines.

[Picture of futuristic car with tail fins]However, the sad fact is that each wave of automotive design has completely overlooked the user. Incredible as it may seem, this is patently true! Read the rest of this entry »

The A-Z


‘From Aaron Hill to Zoffany St’ — An article by Claire Heald of BBC News:

[Picture of The First Edition of The London A-Z]No one thinks twice today about reaching for a map to navigate their way around a town or city — but do they stop to consider how the street atlas came to be? Read the rest of this entry »

What Ever Happened to…


Back in 2003, there was a story on Ananova about a Telephone Language Translator. This seemed like a brilliant invention, but what has happened since then?  It seems to have vanished!

A report in February 2004 informed the world of Shoes That Generate Electrictity! This seemed like a good way to keep the mobile cell phone charged up — but I have yet to see a pair on sale… wonder what happened.

Back in July 2003, I read about an amazing invention, but was sceptical about it even being possible: a new type of bullet-proof glass that allowed bullets to pass ONE WAY only — so Police could shoot out, but were protected from gunfire from the other direction. Amazing — but was it true?

I loved the story from January 2004 of the new vegetation that changed colour to identify landmines — that is a wonderful, wonderful invention… where’s the Nobel Prize when you want it? It seems to me to be vaguely similar to the paint that absorbs pollution. I love that sort of genetic modification that PICADA do.
In the middle of 2003, I read an article on intra-ocular retinal prosthesis (eye implants), and one day hope that this may be developed to become a common procedure to help people all around the world. (see -New Eye Implants Looking Good on Clipped News).

The Anti-Snoring Bed seems to have vanished! How sad; I know quite a few people who were interested in buying this bed!