The Strat


[Picture of the back of a strat]The guitar as an instrument has been around for a long time in the well-known figure-eight guitar body shape, complete with a sound hole on the flat top, a neck of at least 12 frets, and a method of tuning the six gut strings to a standard tuning sequence. The country most identified with this instrument is Spain, where it featured in Flamenco music. Later, after the classical period, when music became classed as Romantic — and influenced by folk traditions, the guitar, as well as the folk Spanish flavours were embraced by composers for orchestrated and chamber works.

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Barbed Wire


[Picture of Barbed Wire]Barbed Wire changed the world — forever. It’s commonplace to the point of virtual invisibility to all but criminals – yet who gives it a thought? Oddly enough, it has not been around for all that long, under 150 years in fact, but is truly a classic design, and the fascinating story reflects changes in society of all kinds.

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