The Motor Scooter


[Picture of Vespa Ad]The motor scooter is a design and style icon. It is post-WW2, it is urban, modernist, 1960s. It represented bohemian chic in Paris, and gritty violent realism in Britain — with the Mods (versus the Rockers). Read the rest of this entry »

EB Veyron 16.4


Some years after the founder’s death, the Bugatti brand was all-but-dead in Milan. It was however, revived, and car production resumed — in France. The parent company is German: Volkswagen. The car is therefore thoroughly European in nature and culture.

The original idea was to make a production car that generated over a thousand horsepower… something of a holy grail for the motor car industry, and a design feat that many considered impossible. Read the rest of this entry »