International Standard Dojo

[Diagram of International Standard Dojo with Dimensions]

The International Standard Dojo is for martial arts combat such as Karate and Judo. The setting out dimensions are shown in the figure. Click on it to enlarge.


Freestyle fighting is carried out between two contestants within a dojo area specified as 8 000 x 8 000 (minimum) or 10 000 x 10 000 (maximum). The centre is marked with a cross, and there is a 50 thick start line for each contestant, 1 500 from the centre (meaning that the contestants begin 3 metres apart).


The recommended minimum space surrounding a martial arts combat area is 1 500.

The minimum area required is 12 metres by 11 metres, however for international competition a safety area of 2 400 is required around a maximum combat area of 10 metres by 10 metres, so the overall area required is 15 000 x 15 000.


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