Data on Living Room Armchairs and Sofas

Armchairs, couches, as well as three seater and two seater sofas are found in living rooms. Although furniture sizes can vary, there are basic constraints — doorways, room sizes and the human body being the main limiting considerations.

[Elevation of sofa/ armchair]

Elevation A (click to enlarge)

As you can see from the side elevation, there is a headroom minimum requirement of at least 1900 from the finished floor level (FFL) at 200 in front of the cushion’s edge. The head height requirement at the back is at least 1200 vertically from the FFL.

[Plan of armchair] [plan of two seater sofa] [Plan of 3/4 seater]

In the armchair plan, there are three widths and depths for the chair itself — small, medium and large if you will. This is shown on the left side of the above drawing. The line shown at the front edge of the chair’s cushion is the demarkation point, and to the right of this line is the space requirement in front of the chair. “RES” means restricted and “ELD” means elderly.

  • [C] The width in front of the chair or sofa for getting up and sitting down is 1050 across the arms (to allow for elbow movements).
  • [D] is the depth needed for sitting down and getting up.
  • A depth of between 550 and 650 is required for sitting normally.
  • A depth of between 800 and 850 is needed for putting legs up on a footstool.
  • When seated at a low (500 high) coffee table, a depth of 450 (300 restricted) would be OK.

FIRA survey data of 309 upholstered armchairs :

Per Cent Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
100 2740 1200
90 2740 1010
75 2220 980 530 – 1100
50 2030 960
10 1600 890

FIRA survey data of 322 Sofas:

Per Cent Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
100 1680 1070
90 990 1070
75 990 980 640 – 1040
50 910 970
10 760 810

*About 30 per cent of sofas were under 1800 wide (2 seaters), in a FIRA sample of 16 sofa beds, about 70 percent were 1900 long by 900 wide or less.


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  1. shaun philp says:

    need to know how measuremet elevations for armchairs as use 2d drawing

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